Corporate Credo / Greetings from Top Management

Corporate Credo

We will act upon trust from stakeholders and ensured business judgement.
We will respond promptly as the market changes.
We won’t take rash steps running after quick profit.


Greetings from Top Management

Jacom Trading, Inc.’s predecessor company, Hamanaka Sangyo Corporation (HSC), was established in 1978 in Kakamigahara City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. We began as a trading house importing defense and aerospace products mainly from British manufacturers. We expanded our supply sources to major North American and European cities, becoming a distributor providing logistical support to Japan Self Defense Forces for their equipment. Some of the main businesses during this period include supplying escort ship engine spare parts and U-125 aircraft parts.

Since 1999, we have expanded our business to include the supply of parts for commercial aircraft, Japan Air Self Defense Force’s large platforms, H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV), and HII-B rockets. We have a proven track record of delivering products for Boeing 7 series aircraft, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ MRJ and Advanced Technological Demonstrator-X (X-2).

On January 1st 2020, HSC was renamed Jacom Trading, Inc., bearing the registered trademark “JACOM” of its parent company Japan Communication & Electronic Co., Ltd., after acquiring JACOM’s International Operations Division. This integration of the two companies’ trading departments aimed to further improve customer satisfaction by speeding up management decisions, strengthening sales capabilities, and streamlining administration and operation divisions.

With frequent terrorist incidents continuing in the US, Europe, and the Middle East, Japan’s diplomatic missions and Japanese companies operating overseas face a constant threat. Even domestically in Japan, we are facing issues such as territorial disputes with neighboring countries and North Korea’s possession of nuclear weapons. Consequently, the need for taking measures against terrorist threats is rising. We import the latest defense and security solutions from leading anti-terrorism-savvy countries such as the US, Israel, and South Africa. Our track record for delivering products and services to customers from public and private sectors is steadily increasing.

In the future, we will continue to put our efforts into being a trading house that can offer products to fit customers’ needs.

Noboru Sugii
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Takenori Yasumura
President & Chief Operating Officer